Office Multiculturail Affairs : Our team is dedicated to community and ensuring that all students are able to succeed in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable and accepted.

Office of Diversity Inclusion : To help fulfill the university's commitment to diversity, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), through contributions and other gifts, provides funds to support internships, scholarships, and various other programs at Rice.

Office of Academic Advising : Academic Advising at Rice University strives for an unparalleled environment for undergraduates to explore opportunities, identify goals, and implement plans to reach those goals. They have information and resources specifically tailored to first-year students.

Student Success Initiatives : Our team of dedicated advisors, assists students with a variety of issues such as time management, cultivating Rice-level skills, dealing with failure, and making the social, emotional, and navigational transition to college.

Student Wellbeing Office : Supports student development and success by giving advice and practical support to help students resolve personal challenges, such as conflicts with friends, difficulty making decisions, struggling with your identity, and academic concerns or problems that are more serious in nature.

Rice Counseling Center : The clinical team at RCC is a diverse team of psychologists, social workers, counselors and consulting psychiatrist committed to providing professional, compassionate and individualized care. The RCC team provides assessment, short-term psychotherapy, and consultation services.

Disability Resource Center : The DRC assists students, faculty, staff, and visitors with accommodation request to help ensure equal access to educational environment; they establish eligibility for disability-related assistance, notify and consult with faculty on needed accommodations, and provide adaptive equipment or resources as needed.