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Established in the early 1970s, the Black Student Union, later known as the Black Student Association, was created to foster a safe and welcoming environment for Black students at Rice. Since its inception, BSA has worked tirelessly to advocate for and support the Black community at Rice. Additionally, BSA offers endless opportunities for all members of the Rice community to get involved in outreach, social and cultural events.


The mission of the Black Student Association (BSA) at Rice University is to provide a support network for the Black community at Rice and to provide cultural enrichment for the campus and the community at large. The organization's objectives are the following:

  • Provide cultural enlightenment for the Rice community and the greater Houston area through Soul Night, the Black Excellence Gala, and Black History Month activities.
  • Provide service to the community.
  • Foster the Black community and enhance networking at Rice and in Houston through social activities and regular general body meetings.
  • Provide awareness of Black culture through academic means, such as lecture series or forums.